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Video, John wislon Tench Fishing

Hahhh slippery buggers these Tench . John Wilson show how you should not hold Large Tench. . .   .

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Chod carp rig (2)
Chod carp rig (1)

Carp Chod Rig Tying the Chod rig does take some practice, but the effectiveness of this carp rig make all the frustrated attempts worth it.

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Lazy Day Tench Fishing on an estate lake

Two Guys from Drennan explain how to catch Tench on a float with Sweetcorn an old Estate lake. Actually this Tench Fishing Video is worth Watching as they are float fishing for Tench but not using the Lift Bite method,

Fishing with SweetcornFloat FishingVideos Tench Fishing
Video, Maggots explained

Fishing Maggots explained  in full on this short fishing video, Whites, Pinkies, Squats and Castor’s. Also the correct way to hook a Maggot on a fishing hook.

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Video, How to tie a knowless Knot for fishing with Boilies

Knotless Knot! Sound daft doesn’t it ? A knot with no knot. The Knotless Knot has got to be the easiest fishing knots to tie, if you know how to do it. The Knotless knot and the hair rig are actually two seperate thing, however they both compliment each other so well they are now really one of the […]

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Video, Feeder Fishing rig, helicoptor rig

Catch Tench using the Feeder Rig Feeder fishing rig explained by Matt Hayes this  is a classic helicopter rig, We used to use this type of fishing rig all the time when we we where kids fishing the Kings Sedgmoor for Tench and Bream. However we rarely used the cage or B;lock end feeder, just a simple helicopter rig using a small ledger weight wrapped in […]

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Video, Fishing for Golden Tench

Though Golden Tench are a genetic variant of the more conventional Green Tench.  This Tench Fishing Video shows tips for lose feeding, how to place bread Flake and Sweetcorn on a hook along with a brief explanation on how to set up a Float to fish the lift method and Bolt rig for catching Both Green Tench and Golden Tench.

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Video, How to make a cheap Weed Rake

There is little doubt that weed Raking a fishing swim will attract hungry Tench, Carp, Bream and lots of inquisitive Rudd and Roach all after a mouth full of free food. Lots of commercial fisheries don’t allow weed rakes to be used on their waters, however if you happen to fish a water that does make yourself a weed rake and […]

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Video, Advanced bottom bait Carp,Tench rigs.

Short Video on advanced bottom bait Carp rigs. While this  Rig is aimed towards the Carp Angler, this advanced bottom rig has caught me some good sized Tench in the past. To be honest it’s not an ideal Tench rig but try scaling it down, it dose work very well.

Fishing rigs
Video, How to mix a good Ground Bait

Mick Jackson show one way to mix an effective mixture of Ground Bait ingredient that will attract Carp and Tench in to your fishing swim. As Mick shows in the video, its always best to add  the Juice from Sweetcorn or Hemp along with free food offerings of different sizes like Trout pellets, hemp and Sweetcorn. The whole point […]

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